Poroporo and Ngaumu are doing lots of collaboration this year. There will be times that we work together and times where we split off into our classes. It has been great to see everyone mixing and mingling and maintaining those important friendships across the two classes. 

This page is used to upload our classes communication, processes and celebration of learning. 

Poroporo / Ngaumu Class Photo 2023


Our Home Learning Information

1) Basic Facts Practise: This will be either a basic facts game, or a list of basic facts to practise. Today your child should have come home with a basic facts game for the week. We ask that they bring the games back to school every Friday so we can issue them a new one the following Monday. We have spoken to our classes about keeping these games in as good condition as possible so we can reuse them from week to week; this includes keeping them in the zip lock bags when they play them.

2) Spelling: We will be using the Nessy spelling progamme for literacy this year. We encourage students to log in at home 2-3 times a week to complete the spelling tasks which have been set for them. We will be having a bit more practise on Nessy at school tomorrow and completing the required assessments for the programme, so Nessy home learning can start from tomorrow (Tuesday).

3) Reading: Students are encouraged to read every night.

Poroporo students only: please encourage your child to fill in their orange reading journal each night they read. This does not need to be a big entry, just a recording of the number of pages they read and any comments they might have about what they read. Can they please bring these journals into school on a Friday; each night of reading will move them further up on our reading map. 




Term 1 Newsletter

Ngaumu Class Newsletter


Term 1 Newsletter



Both classes are taking part in a 'chapter chat' programme where we read a novel at the same time as other schools in NZ and share our thoughts. This term the novel is The Wild Robot. Our first task was to imagine what Roz the Robot looked like. The children drafted and labelled their robots and today they got to make 3D models of them.