Our school buses traverse five routes, bringing children from Stronvar Road, Ngaumu Road,  Westmere Road, Lee Pakaraka Road & Bideford.  There is a bus fee for out of zone pupils.  These buses operate outside out transport entitlement therefore they are purely user pays.  Students who live in zone may not necessarily be entitled to the Ministry funded buses. 

BUS FEE:  The cost for out of zone students is $10 per week.  Any new enrolments are required to pay 1 term in advance. 

HEALTH & SAFETY:  Students are required to wear a high visibility vest and shoes to and from school.  


Any concerns regarding bus runs should be made to the Principal.  Should children not be travelling on the bus on a particular day parents are requested to contact the bus driver.  If you are unable to contact the bus driver, you should contact the school and let one of the staff know to tell the driver.  It is preferred that parents contact us personally, particularly those with young children, regarding changes to your child's afternoon bus run.


The driver and Principal maintain responsibility for pupil behaviour and safety.


There are bus rules which parents are required to help teach their children.




Pies are sold on Tuesdays for $3.00 each.  Choose from Potato top or Steak & cheese. Orders can be 

Heat ups - first introduced by our student council last year, students are welcome to bring food which is to be wrapped in tin foil & named.  They are cooked for 1 1/2 hours in the pie warmer. 

We are a 'no rubbish' school so your child will bring home any packaging or left-overs.


We encourage students to drink water and to have a drink bottle with them at school.





We welcome your feedback and value information that helps us to better know and teach your child. If you have any queries or concerns please contact your child's classroom teacher in the first instance. The following information sheet explains our procedures: Talking to the school