Our Staff

Ngahape - Debs Lyttle Yr 0 - 1
Fernyhurst - Vicky Bruere Yr 2 -3
Poroporo - Breifne McConnon Yr 4 - 5 
Ngaumu - Ryan Southey Yr 6 - 8

Staff continue to work to implement and refine effective practices and processes to address the equity of outcomes for all learners. This is reflected through their deliberate actions and strategic goals that focus on ongoing improvement in overall achievement. There is useful tracking of student progress for both individuals and groups at class and schoolwide levels.

Students requiring additional support are well catered for. Their needs are well known to teachers and progress is shared with their parents. Teacher aides are highly valued and support learning within individual programmes and classrooms. External agency support is accessed through the special education needs coordinator who monitors support, brokers expertise and supports the development of teacher aides. (ERO 2019)