all blacks
all blacks


BoT Chairman

Hi, I’m Paul Oliver.


I have been a member of the BOT since 2013 and Chairperson

since 2017.

 I live on Black Rock road with Suzanne and our four boys. We

have had children attend Wainuioru School since 2009.

 We love the rural nature, the great people and the family

atmosphere at Wainuioru School. Our boys have thrived on the

academic, community and sporting opportunities Wainuioru School has provided from new entrants through to year 8.

 My work involves managing a seed business that provides crop inputs to farmers in the NZ and seed technology to businesses internationally.

 We are also lucky to be owners of a farm in Wainuioru with the Freeman family. We all love spending time there enjoying the farm with friends.

 Outside of work I enjoy kids sport and spending time with family and friends in the outdoors.

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BoT Health & Safety 

Hello, my name is Annie Cates.

I am originally from Edinburgh, but came to Wainuioru ten years ago

on my travels and met my now husband James. James’ older four

children went through Wainuioru School and we now have Jack and

Zoe there flying the flag for Cates family.  We farm just 5 km down

the road from the school. I also work part-time for CRS Software in

Masterton. I love being in the Wainuioru community and am very

proud to be part of it.  I have recently joined the Board and am really

enjoying being part of the team. My role on the Board is Health and

Safety. I’m looking forward to being part of the schools journey and helping our community and children thrive and reach their potential.

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Hello, my name is Zana Betty


                              I value the diversity and unique environment at Wainuioru School.  It                                        provides a stable supportive environment in which my daughter                                                continues to grow, develop and thrive, and has provided our family with a                                strong a link into the community.

                              I am a Beauty Therapist and run my own small business. I have a                                              background in events management, human resources and marketing.

                              I am passionate about culture and people, coming from Croatian heritage                                and my husband from Maori I believe this provides me with good cultural                                appreciation and diversity.


                              My role on the board is Personnel.
I believe connection is vital for our kids to be able learn and thrive, and I hope to enable the school and staff to continue to build on the already rich learning environment, embracing the diverse and growing role.

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BOT Property

Kate and I run a mixed arable and lamb and beef finishing farm on the Masterton Castlepoint

Road along with some sharecropping and contracting


I was bought up on this property and after attending

Lincoln and traveling abroad I returned to the


We have four children - Toby (Year 9), Sophie (Year 7),

Hugo (Year 5) and Monty (Year 1).

We feel very privileged to be able to send our children to Wainuioru School. We have been

involved with Wainuioru School since 2010 and will be involved until 2026 - I will definitely have no hair left then!  I have been on the Wainuioru School Board of Trustees since June 2016.  My main role on the Board has been property which has been a great way to see how the School operates behind the scenes. I have really enjoyed working with a great group of people and appreciate their help and patience in getting to know how the Board operates.

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Our Board of Trustees


Wainuioru School is managed by a parent appointed board with the Principal and a staff representative making up the full board.


The board members are: 

Chairperson:     Paul Oliver

Secretary:          Kirsten Berry           

Treasurer:          Karen Bunny

Trustees:            Annie Cates

                            Nathan Williams

                            Zana Betty


Principal:           Gene Bartlett

Staff Trustee:    Christine Lister


The minutes of our BOT Meetings are available  for viewing in our school foyer. 

Our School Charter and Annual Plan 

Audited Accounts can be read here

Trustees are highly active in supporting the school-community partnership building. They actively seek to understand and contribute to the intent and operation of initiatives such as curriculum and vision redevelopment. They have a range of useful systems in place to support effective stewardship. They are well informed through regular reporting on student achievement, well-being and engagement. Their resourcing decisions enhance teaching and learning and enable students to experience individual success. (Education review office 2019)