Community Engagement 

Our Wainuioru School and Community Association (WSCA) was formed about 20 years ago when the the Ministry of Education said that all funds In Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) would become part of the School’s Funding. By adding the community we were able to keep the funds separate to be used at our discretion. The WSCA/PTA has always been there to fund additional recourses for the school over and above the Government funding. At present 95% of our funds go to the School paying for things like Reading Eggs, Mathsgames, I pads and helping with camp costs

We meet once a term and plan to have one large fund raising event per year. We are desperate for school parent to join our committee, our AGM is on Tuesday 7th May at 7.00pm in the staff room. There is minimal time involved and many hands make light work. Please come along support your children and met some great people and have a bit of fun.

If you would like to know more please call Rox Carlsen 06 372 2874 or Guy Williams 06 372 2822

2019 - 2021 WSCA

Chairman:     Guy Williams 

Secretary:      Kate Tosswill 

Rox Carlsen: Treasurer 



Joan Kjestrup  

Andy Robertson 

Gene Bartlett

Lisa Forbes 

Becks Trafford 


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